What is SOURCE?
Think of SOURCE as your personal recruiting assistant. We take over the front end of the hiring process from posting all the way to the final interview. Once we have fully qualified a candidate, we pass them on to you to review. You can choose to interview the candidate or decline. If you decline, we ask for feedback so our process can improve with each additional candidate. If you choose to interview, our
system will conveniently schedule the interview for you.

What makes your product different?
Our technology is what makes us different. We have a unique proprietary technology that has been built and refined over the last 10 years.

What type of guarantee do you offer?
We guarantee to present a minimum of 10 qualified candidates with a minimum of 3 that have been chosen for a final interview. Or if you offer employment to one of the qualified candidates.

I am hesitant to pay up front. It seems risky.
When posting a job through CareerBuilder of LinkedIn, you are also paying up front without the guarantee of results. We incur all the expenses associated with posting, advertising, assessing and we also provide a personal recruiting assistant that helps vet quality candidates. Paying upfront allows our team to put the necessary resources into your position. Our current recruiter offers a 90-day guarantee where they will replace the candidates if they don’t work out. Contract recruiting is a completely different product. With SOURCE, we are presenting a qualified candidate pool. Our process sifts through all the pretenders and presents you with real contenders for the position. If one doesn’t work out, you are welcome to go back to the silver medalist or bronze medalist and present them with an offer.

Can big companies that have existing HR technology and recruiters use this product?
Absolutely. Think of SOURCE as a great resource when you need more resources. Rather than hiring more staff you can use SOURCE to help with peaks in the hiring needs of your organization. SOURCE can also be used for time sensitive positions. It’s a great way to step on the gas pedal to get more candidates into the process fast.

How can you afford to do all of this for $1,500?
Our technology has been built over the last 10 years, and during this time we have gained relationships and a proprietary technology that other companies cannot compete with. We put this technology to work for you. By leveraging our HR Tech stack, small to mid-sized companies can now compete with large enterprise for great talent.

What are the contract terms?
That is the beauty of SOURCE. There are no long-term contracts. Every job is a single engagement meaning you are not locked into a monthly Applicant Tracking System fee. Use SOURCE when you need us. We are here to help!