“National” Criminal Database
national criminal database

“National” Criminal Database

CIS: Criminal Information Source (Multijurisdictional Database Search)

The CIS is a multijurisdictional database that is comprised of many different sources. Since there is no one single source to search to reveal all records, the CIS is a research tool only. If any possible records are found, you must conduct real-time criminal court searches in the corresponding jurisdictions. The possible records returned in the database should NEVER be used to make hiring decisions.

Hundreds of millions of criminal records including but not limited to: Department of Corrections (DOC), Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC), County courthouses, Statewide Repositories, possible warrants, arrest data and Sex Offender Registries (SOR) from all 50 states plus Washington DC, Guam and Puerto Rico.

In addition to domestic records this search also includes but is not limited to the Federal Government and abroad: FBI, DEA, OFAC, FDA, GSA, ICE, OIG, SAM, ATF, OCC Enforcement Actions List, Interpol Fugitives List, Most Wanted List, Debarment Lists, Specially Designated Nationals List, and Health and Human Services. While some companies sell the “Vigilante Search” separately, National Background Investigations’ US-SOR Research Tool includes all of these searches for one low price.

Other vendors maintain databases of criminal records, often searchable online. Some of these vendors advertise their background checks as national, however these databases are only multi-jurisdictional. Companies gather information from the internet or purchase bulk data to create one database. Many jurisdictions do not make court information available on the internet. Therefore, data is limited or not included in these multijurisdictional databases.